Old Town Lahaina Images
The Lahaina break is amazing!
We enjoyed a tremendous meal
at the Lahaina Grill, one of
America's top restaurants, where
some of us formed "a
relationship" with our meal.  We
ended with this desert sampler.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen statue at the Wo Hing
Museum in Lahaina.  I engaged in a
wonderful conversation about Taiwan and its
founder with Dr. Busaba Yip, museum
director and curator.  Fun fact:  President
Obama and Sun Yat Sen both attended the
Punahou School in Honolulu.
This is a photo I took of a 1776 copper
engraving of the observatory used on
Captain Cook's 1768-9 voyage to
document the Transit of Venus (from
Tahiti).  Purchase was made at the
Lahaina Gallery. After the owner and I
spoke for a few minutes, she walked
into a back room and returned with this
rare artifact. That's what I call "reading
the customer."