Molokini Snorkeling Voyage Images
On the way home from
our adventure
During our mid-dive break at
Approaching Molokini, the
crescent-shaped, partially
submerged volcanic crater which
forms a small islet located in
Alalakeiki Channel. Visibility here
was about 100-feet.
Departing Molokini, an excellent
view of the back wall.  The wall
here is nearly vertical, down to
200 feet. Outside the crater it's
a drift dive that requires care
not to be swept out to...Tahiti.
Schooling Black Triggerfish
Departing Maalea
Harbor aboard the
Lani Kai
Orange Spine Unicorn
Pink Tail Durgon
Honu Sea Turtles (returning to Maalea
Yellow Tang
Yellow Tang Wrasse